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Hi, we're Charmaine & Jason and we welcome you to our little piece of heaven on the White River Valley

in Eureka Springs, Arkansas! Originally from Southern California, we moved to Eureka Springs in 2016 looking for a change of pace. It was time to leave the concrete jungle of LA for a new adventure.

We wanted to be sustainable, to grow our own food, with less consumption, less stress and a better quality of life for us. We have found that here on the White River. The air is clean and the energy is strong. We have an organic garden; clean well water to drink; we fish for trout, walleye and bass in our backyard and date nights are now farm-to-table sunset dinners at home or canoe floats from the Beaver Dam to our backyard. The sunsets here are breathtaking and the wildlife are always entertaining - from bald eagles, hawks, geese, beavers, otters, deer, cardinals and woodpeckers. It is peaceful and beautiful in the

White River Valley and we are ready to share it with you... Welcome!

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